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For those who don’t know me, I am an immensely glamourous technological genius, who is totally at ease with promoting her two self-published books on social media.

For those of you who do, it’s me, the one who’s always out in walking boots with her 5 children and border collie. The teacher and tutor who is anti-technology and anti-syllabuses. The mum who (since having a bit more time on her hands now that her children have started doing their own washing) has decided to enter the daunting world of self-publishing, as she releases two children’s books she started working on in 2012:

Alongside the release of my middle-grade thriller It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot My Umbrella, I have decided to write a Blog, which will be an honest account of the trials and triumphs of self-publishing. I know, had such a Blog been available when I started the process, I’d be feeling a lot less baffled by the whole thing!

In the theme of honesty, I am also hoping that a few of you out there might be tempted to purchase my work. I’m a little bit proud of it and would be so pleased if even just one child becomes as inspired by these stories, as I was by the real people they are based on.

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