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Let me introduce myself…

I like making things.

Some of the things I like to make are children, homes for lost dogs, exciting books, parties, trips to the seaside/theatre/school (yes, really!) and chocolate cake, although I prefers to eat it. I (quite) like cooking and over the years I've made up some very easy and quick recipes.

As a mum of five, teacher and author of children's books, it's fairly clear I like children!
I have taught at various primary schools and enjoyed a spell of teaching English as a foreign language in Paris.

I currently tutor at Cherry Tree Primary School where the children are helping me to write my latest book and I am encouraging them to break free from the required educational writing restrictions to become truly creative.

Get in touch if you would like to find out about about my school visits where I explain the process of idea-in-head to book-on-shelf.

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