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The Runaway Children of Chennai 

This gripping story of survival and courage follows Rish, a young boy living in one of the poorest slums of India. With his best friend, he manages to survive despite the rampant poverty, but tragedy strikes when a con man promises to give them a job and they find themselves thrust into a world of betrayal and mystery. Forced to rely on their wits and courage, Rish and his sister Mariam find that their journey will test them in ways they never imagined. 


"Rish and Mariam's heart-breaking tale is woven from the real lives of thousands of Indian street children. Shocking and inspiring, theirs is a story that needs to be read."  David Maidment, Founder of Railway Children Charity.
"I'm not usually the type of person even to pick up a book let alone fully commit to one. However, this book was truly special, and honestly a huge and sudden milestone during my goal to finally get into reading!"  Charlie (13)
"You have to read this book! " Shreya (11)

"I loved it. I can't wait for the sequel!" Kelsie (9)


It's Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella

Billy and Manya, two seemingly unconnected children, are both on a quest to uncover the secrets of their past. Billy is determined to track down his parents, who have been missing for twelve years. Meanwhile, the rebellious Manya cheats her way through elite Russian academies and is drawn into the manipulative clutches of Tatiana. As their stories intertwine, they slowly uncover an astonishing link that reveals a long-buried secret more terrible than anything they could have imagined.

“Buy it, read it and get your children to read it!!!” CI Hertfordshire
“One of the most well written books my children have read in a long time.” NH Cambridge
"Best read this year! If you're considering getting this book then don't hesitate BUY IT. I hope there will be a sequel one day. ” SW Cheshire

"If you, your friends or your family are facing dementia, then get hold of a copy of this book. It has a more positive view of dementia than is usual in our society. It describes a way of coping with compassion and humour." EK Herefordshire
"A copy of this will make its way into the school library I work in!" PP London
“What a book...Caroline writes in such a way that you get lost in amongst the pages and before you know it you've finished the book! An incredible authoress, fantastic book and a must to add to your basket.” AR London

The Secret Young Life of Dmitri Molchalin
Controlling, deceitful, obsessive. How did the secret young life of Dmitri Molchalin shape him? As an adult, Dmitri is a complex character, but when you discover his past everything is explained and ultimately you won't be able to resist reading “It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella”.


" I read it really quickly. Caroline has a lovely way of writing and you feel as you turn each page, the story comes to life!" AH London
"I was completely engrossed with Its Raining in Moscow and I forgot my Umbrella, so when I heard that there was more to read on one of the main characters I jumped at the opportunity." SB Leicester
"This prequel to Its Raining in Moscow and I Forgot My Umbrella is equally a page-turner! It’s full of mystery, intrigue and gave satisfying insight to one of the main characters Dmitri Molchalin." SJ Herts

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