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The Runaway

  Children of Chennai 

Life for Rish is bad. But it’s about to get much worse.

Survival is the main objective for children living in one of the poorest slums in India. Rish and his friend manage to ward off hunger with their inventive and daring activities until tragedy strikes and life can never be the same again.

Having persuaded his sister Mariam to help him escape the stinking slum, they mistakenly put their trust in a crooked con man who has promised to find them a job. Too late, Rish and Mariam find they have been plunged into a world of betrayal and mystery.

Action-packed adventure based on the true stories of thousands of children who roam the streets of India.


 The Secret

Children of Mumbai

In the thrilling sequel to The Runaway Children of Chennai, Mariam and Rish arrive in Mumbai. However, the city of dreams quickly becomes a nightmare as the siblings are separated for the first time in their lives.

While Rish becomes entangled with a thieving street gang, Mariam joins the fight for survival in a secret makeshift children’s camp.

What neither of them realise, is that a shady character from their past is on his way to Mumbai to seek revenge. They must find each other before he destroys their future.

In a tale of gritty realism, Rish and Mariam cannot afford to fail.

If you have read The Secret Children of Chennai and would like the bonus chapter, click this button - but don't spoil the surprise for yourself  if you haven't read the book!

Secret Children.png

"Rish and Mariam's heart-breaking tale is woven from the real lives of thousands of Indian street children. Shocking and inspiring, theirs is a story that needs to be read." David Maidment, Founder of Railway Children Charity.

The Secret Young Life of Dmitri Molchalin
Controlling, deceitful, obsessive. How did the secret young life of Dmitri Molchalin shape him? As an adult, Dmitri is a complex character, but when you discover his past everything is explained and ultimately you won't be able to resist reading “It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella”.


" I read it really quickly. Caroline has a lovely way of writing and you feel as you turn each page, the story comes to life!" AH London
"I was completely engrossed with Its Raining in Moscow and I forgot my Umbrella, so when I heard that there was more to read on one of the main characters I jumped at the opportunity." SB Leicester
"This prequel to Its Raining in Moscow and I Forgot My Umbrella is equally a page-turner! It’s full of mystery, intrigue and gave satisfying insight to one of the main characters Dmitri Molchalin." SJ Herts

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