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Calm Sea

Author of

        The Runaway

                Children of Chennai - coming soon...


It's Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella

“A spectacular new novel has exploded into the middle-grade literary scene!”

Self-Publishing Mum of Five

5 Star reviews:

"I felt like I was reading two completely different stories, both just as engrossing as the other, culminating in a fantastic finale that ties it all together. I can't recommend this read enough, regardless of age."



"If you, your friends or your family are facing dementia, then get hold of a copy of this book!"

"If you're considering getting this book then

don't hesitate BUY IT"

"One of my best reads this year!"

"Anyone can read this at any age."

"One of the most well written books my children have read in a long time."

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