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Frustrations of an Author (part two)

First part of the story:

Picture the scene if you will; the budding author is convinced that her book’s title is holding back sales. What if she can think up something a bit more obvious? Or perhaps more exciting?

She spends weeks putting together different groups of words, trying them out on her family and friends until they get bored with the whole thing.

She writes a blog, and lots of lovely people vote on the titles. She eagerly analyses the stats, but they are somewhat inconclusive - there is a tie between,

and the original title

This author, adventurous and daring person that she is, weighs up the pros and cons, debates for a few more days, and comes to a decision: she will change the title!

Second part of the story:

Now I take you to an event, parallel in time, where the same author buys a copy of her book from Amazon to test the quality. When it arrives, she is dismayed to find that the cover is flimsy and there are at least 20 loose pages.

She contacts Amazon’s KDP to ask why they are sending out poor quality copies of the book she took years to craft and perfect.

"Send us evidence”, they email back.

The author sends evidence.

“You need to contact Amazon Retail,” they say.

The author contacts Amazon Retail and asks for a callback so she can talk to a real person.

“Good morning, this is Amazon Customer Services,” says the polite-sounding lady on the end of the line. “Is your call related to the book, It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella?”

“Yes, it is,” says the author.

“What an intriguing title,” comes the response. you think it’s a sign?

If you'd like to buy a copy of the adventurous and daring author's book while it still has the original title, (or the title which might remain the same) you can buy it here.

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I still like the original title...

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