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Homeless but not Hopeless

Updated: Mar 1

Dear Readers,

My name is Mariam and although I'm merely a figment of Caroline's imagination, I represent the thousands of street children struggling to survive on the streets of India.

You might have read Caroline's bestselling The Runaway Children of Chennai, where, right at the end, my brother Rish and I decide to travel to Mumbai. We didn't have a very good start:

"My brother got lost in the station and I really need to go back to find him,” said Mariam.

Aarti's face darkened with concern.

"You must go back straightaway," she said. "There's a gang out there looking for new recruits. You need to find your brother before they do."

On 1st March, Caroline's new book was published. I had a dream that I should go to Mumbai to help all the poor lost children, so I'm hoping that's what I'm going to do, but it looks like it's going to be a challenging journey!

A piercing scream broke the tension, and Mariam turned towards the sound. Latika was at the standpipe with her half-filled bottle lying on the ground. She was rigid with fear, unable to move. Her hands covered her mouth and her eyes were fixed on a sight which Mariam now saw too. Crawling along the railway track was Latika’s baby sister. Approaching the same part of the track was a train.

A tremendous blare from the train sounded, and the baby, alarmed by the noise, stopped crawling and began to cry. Mariam looked up to see the driver’s stricken face.

...come on, surely you want to know if I save the baby!

If you would like to help children like me you could:

  • Help raise awareness of our problems by reading our stories and leaving a review on Amazon, or wherever you bought the book. This will encourage more people to read it. 

  • Help to spread the word by encouraging your friends and family to read our story.

  • Sign up to Caroline’s website to keep in touch with our news.

  • Go to the Railway Children website to discover more about the brilliant charity. 

Thank you so much,

Mariam x


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