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My big surprise!

Updated: Apr 3

(To the tune of 'Teddy Bears' Picnic)

If you go down to the station today, you're sure of a big surprise.

If you go down to the station today, I might get a few more buys!

For every passenger going that way

Will see a new sight up on display:

Today's the day my husband bought me a poster.

Actually four posters.

I couldn't believe it! There, in glorious technicolour splendour were four enormous book covers on four separate posters in full view of every passenger who passes through Rickmansworth station.

What a birthday present! I just wish I travelled on the train more frequently, so I could admire the posters every day!

On a completely different matter, I've had some incredible entries for my creative writing competition. It's open to all children from 8-13 and many of the stories I've received have far surpassed my expectations. There is some serious talent out there.

I'm looking forward to announcing the winners later this year. Closing date for submissions - 1st May 2024.

Finally, another huge thank you to everyone who has read my new book, "The Secret Children of Mumbai". March was my best ever month for sales, so I'm very happy. Even bigger thanks to the kind people who have taken the trouble to leave a review - it is much appreciated.

Some of the comments...

What a treat.

This compelling read will stay for ever more in the minds of young readers

I loved being kept on my toes; the suspense is skilfully managed,

characters are so well developed that I found myself either rooting for them or despising them.

action packed adventure

Caroline Boxall’s writing touches a nerve. It presents us with many question marks. She has given us a book of vibrancy, excitement…. And much to ponder.

What a lovely ending to the second book

It is not just a fantastically gripping story, it has layers, gently exposing the point of life.

I hope you enjoy it too.

@WeLoveRickyTown @inrickmansworth


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