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Frustrations of an Author (part one)

Bold and Daring!

Jane Austin had problems getting published, so did CS Lewis and JK Rowling. I’m super happy to be up there with the greats. In fact, at the moment there’s only one difference between them and me: they got there in the end!

Will I get there too?

At the Stratford-upon-Avon literary festival, I met a young man who was the ‘new up-and-coming-author’. He has a biblical name, so I’ll call him Abraham (as that’s biblical but not his name). Abraham had written a book based on his own life and the problems he’d faced. He had a slot at the festival where he spoke about his book. He spoke very well, and I went to have a chat with him at the end of the session.

“Well done!” I said, enthusiastically. “It’s fantastic to be recognised so quickly and to have your book accepted and published already.”

“Thanks,” said Abraham.

“How many agents did you submit to and how long did you have to wait?” I asked, having waited months for my rejections and hoping Abraham might impart some useful tips about how to get an offer.

He smiled at me. “I submitted to six agents and had an offer within about five weeks,” he said.

I was dumbfounded.

What? That’s not supposed to happen, I thought to myself, but said, “Wow, that’s incredible!”

“Not really,” he said. “It’s a great book.”

I bought Abraham’s book, of course, but haven’t got round to reading it – I’m sure it’s excellent.

PS: I need 6 more reviews to get to the ‘magic 50’ (apparently it drives Amazon algorithms into a frenzy of promotion). Massive thanks to all of you have helped me reach 44. If anyone else is willing and has 2 minutes for a couple of words? Here’s the link:


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