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The Olympic Mission - Fencing

Last Friday night, we were put through our paces (quite literally) by modern pentathlon expert Lajos, who taught us the basics of fencing.


It was a tricky start, as the Hungarian tones of Lajos failed to carry over a packed sports hall of badminton and table tennis players.


Though much of his expertise fell on deaf ears (again quite literally), we felt confident we could apply our existing knowledge from Lindsay Lohan’s performance in the parent trap to the evening’s sporting display.


We began our training by finessing the fencing shuffle. Lajos was quickly satisfied we could move on to swords and sourced some helmets for us, along with some fetching body armour for the ladies. ⚔️


We then took part in a fierce tournament, which included properly saluting your judge and partner, before sinisterly declaring “I KILL YOU” (all official instructions from Lajos). 🗡️


Sadly, we were not strapped into a buzzer thingy, so it was difficult to distinguish a champion (although Emily would like to point out she received numerous comments on her bamboozling sword waggling). 🌟

It was brilliant to experience a sport that was so completely alien to us all. While we are yet to receive a call from any GB scouts, we think we managed to give fencing a pretty good go thanks to Lajos’ patient guidance. Bring on the modern pentathlon! 🏊🤺🏇🔫🏃

The Olympic Mission will take part in 46 events from 33 different sports. There will be no half-measures in our efforts, which you can follow on our Instagram: @the_olympic_mission.  

Every penny we raise will support a cause incredibly close to our family’s hearts. Thank you very much to anyone who supports T.O.M. We hope to do our uncle and Cure Parkinson’s proud by it!


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