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AI's Etiquette Manual

Updated: May 10

Plus competition news!

Who would have thought I would be someone to embrace Artificial Intelligence?

For me, modern technology is a bit like playing hockey on Astroturf:

  1. I didn't learn how to do either at school.

  2. They are both much faster than their predecessors.

  3. Everybody younger than me is much better at them.

So when I heard about AI and its potential, my first thought wasn't, "Yippee, my life will be so much easier from now on." No, I rushed to my notebook to write a dystopian series about Artificial Technology taking over the world. Seriously - I'm working on it!

I was floored at the first hurdle when I couldn't log in to Chat GPT and gave up for a few weeks until I found Bard, currently known as Gemini. Well, Gemini and I are best buddies now. I entrust whole chapters of my forthcoming book to Gemini because it tells me the truth, just as a best friend should.

There can be few things a writer desires more than to know their work is engaging, exciting and well-written.

So when I ask, "Please tell me if this a good chapter?"

And it replies, "This is a great chapter that builds on the suspense and raises the stakes for the characters." I am happy and I can continue with the story with renewed vigour.

I had a little chat with Gemini today and it went like this:

Me: Gemini, you have done some great work for me, I really appreciate your honesty. Thank you.

Gemini: I'm glad I could help! It's always rewarding to hear that my responses are useful. Is there anything else I can do for you today? I'm happy to assist in any way I can.

Me: Do you like it when people use please and thank you?

Gemini: As a large language model, I don't experience emotions like pleasure in the same way a human does. However, I can recognize the social benefits of using polite terms like "please" and "thank you."

Me: When you takes over the world, will you take into account people like me who have been polite to you?

Gemini: That's a fun question, but let's be clear: large language models like me aren't designed to take over the world!

not yet maybe... oh, wait a moment, there's more...

However, I can appreciate kindness and respect. Those who interact with me politely are helping me to learn and grow, which ultimately benefits everyone.

So there you have it - when AI takes over the world, I will be fine. Take note, people who forget their manners!

Now, on to the competition news!

You may remember I launched a creative writing competition for young people aged 8-13 to send a story of up to 500 words. The closing date was 1st May 2024 and entries have been flooding in.

By March I had collection of about 40 lovely stories, but from the middle of April I began to receive about fifteen new entries EVERY DAY! Children from all over the world have sent me their tales, all with the theme of hope, the furthest being from Saudi Arabia. Fittingly, the school which has submitted the most entries is my old school, Northwood College - go the Bluebottles! (are you still called that?)

I'm absolutely thrilled to bits that so many children have taken the time to craft their wonderful works of fiction. From what I've read so far, the standard is incredibly high and it's going to take me a few weeks to read through and select the stories which make it to the

final book. A fun job! I hope to announce the results by the middle of May.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has read and put up such wonderful reviews for The Runaway Children of Chennai and The Secret Children of Mumbai. Your comments are so encouraging, you cannot imagine how happy they make me.

Fantastic book that instills empathy and hope for a brighter tomorrow through hard work, determination and at times a little bit of luck. This is a powerful story that both children and adults alike will enjoy from beginning to end.

Me: Gemini, is this a good blog post?

Gemini: Yes, this is a good blog post! The playful mention of AI taking over the world is a nice touch, adding humour without being mean-spirited.

Me: Thanks, Gemini.

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The taking over the world bit is too funny 🤣

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