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Five Possible Titles

On the Fifth Day ‘til Book Release my True Love Sent to Me…

Five Possible Titles.

I’m so excited about my first book being published it feels like Christmas! This is why I have decided to write an advent-style countdown series of blogs.

With 5 days to go, here are the 5 titles I considered for my book…

The first title was A Maze. This was supposed to represent three things. Firstly Gran’s poor, befuddled brain:

So many old people are grumpy and negative but she’s lots of fun. That poor brain of hers is like a maze. She keeps losing her way and coming to a dead end.

Secondly, the corridors of Autumn Days Care Home:

There are lots of corridors on the Nostalgia floor with rooms on either side. It’s a bit like a maze. There’s a laundry, a post room, and a hairdresser. And there’s a memory room where the Oldies can look at photos, wedding dresses and old kitchen equipment.

And thirdly Billy, who Neelam (the carer/guardian) describes as amazing:

You live here with me and all these old people and you never complain. You make us all so happy. Do you know how much we look forward to seeing you after school? It’s like the sun coming out when you come home.

The second title was going to be Burning. The whole plot revolves around a terrible house fire:

The Russian girl sat by the edge of the road, twisting car keys round and round her fingers; watching fearfully as the flames lit up the night sky. Lights in the other houses were gradually bringing the tiny village to life: the residents woken by the noise of the fire engine, the shouting and the roaring blaze itself. Some were watching in shocked fascination from the safety of their homes, but others were rushing out to help.

Then I thought I would change it to something simple like Billy and Manya because they are the two main characters but I went off that very quickly – too boring.

The fourth title was Forget. This covered the dementia aspect of the book, but not the fire or the Russian element.

It wasn’t until the book was finished that I decided to use, It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella. I love my title, but I’m not going to tell you why I chose the name. If you read the book you’ll find out! 😊

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It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella will be released on Amazon on

16th November 2020


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