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Most Outrageous Place to Sell a Book!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I’m going to tell you about the crazy place I sold a book later, but first I wanted to let you know about the book launch of The Runaway Children of Chennai.

It could be that this, my second book, is better than my first, perhaps it’s the cover, or maybe it's because I’ve finally got the hang of Amazon Ads, but sales have been far higher than I could have imagined. Every morning it’s the first thing I look at and announce the results to my accommodating family who pretend to be interested. Every time!

I’ve visited four fabulous local schools for ‘author visits’, with audiences varying from 30 children to 250 at a time. I’m not there to sell my books so much as to explain the whole process of writing, editing, publishing and marketing a book. And always to encourage creative writing.

Seeing the children’s eager faces has been a wonderful, they truly are interested in the journey of a book, and their questions have been priceless:

Q: Are you famous?

A: Well if you know me, I must be. (I didn’t say this, but I wish I had, and I’m prepared for next time!)

Q: Can anyone write a book?

A: Yes. It’s a lot of work, but if you love writing with a passion it’s not work, it’s a joy.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I’ve always liked writing. My first ‘chapter’ story was when I was seven, I’ve still got it in a tiny notebook. In 2019 I didn’t set out to write a whole book, but one day I sat down and started writing and couldn’t stop. 60,000 words later I had the first draft of It’s Raining in Moscow and I Forgot my Umbrella.

The highlight of my visits has to be at Queens where the real Rish and Mariam are at school. They were key members of my Book Club at Cherry Tree and have been brilliantly encouraging on our Book Club WhatsApp group. I used their names for the protagonists in The Runaway Children of Chennai, and to be able to hand over their copies of their book in front of the year group was a moment I will always treasure.

So back to the crazy selling:

Last Thursday I had a knee operation. There I was, lying on the operating table with my drip in place and a large dose of painkillers injected into my veins. The charming anaesthetist asked me what I would usually be doing on a Thursday lunchtime.

“I’d probably be writing,” I said.

“What sort of books do you write?”

“I like to raise awareness of big issues such as dementia and street children in India.”

“Are you feeling a bit dizzy yet? A bit funny?


That’s good. What age do you write for?”

“Nine to twelve.”

“You’re going to be dropping off in a moment. I’m going to buy your books for my son, he’s nine.”


And there it was. If anyone hears of a better sale than that, I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive and bought my books. And, of course, for reading my blogs.

If anyone has the time or inclination to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads I’d be extremely grateful. You don’t have to have bought the book from Amazon, just go to the review section at the bottom of the correct page. (click here)

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